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Saturday by appointment only.

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We envision a community of thriving families who aspire to express their fullest potential.

Our mission is to support the Santa Fe and Taos communities in expressing greater levels of health + connection, empowering kids and families to express their fullest selves. 

Our purpose is to serve and love unconditionally.


Serving as a vitalistic chiropractor means that no matter what you or your child may or may not be going through right now, I work with and nurture what is inherently RIGHT within you.

Imagine how absolutely lost we would be if we had to think about regulating our body's temperature, pH, digestion or reproductive processes, just to name a few, all while trying to go to school, grow, develop, play, connect with loved ones or simply sleep.

We wouldn't have much of a life to live.

There is a far more powerful and innate wisdom running through your body that allows you to function as YOU so that you never have to bat an eyelash at these essential and never-ending processes.

This wisdom resides in your brain and spinal cord, collectively known as your nerve system.

An accumulation of trauma and stress, whether chemical, emotional or physical in origin, can create interference within your nerve system, meaning that brain and body aren't in clear communication.

The more interference that occurs, the less efficient your body is, the less energy you have and the more likely you are to express symptoms, pain or dis-ease.

I specialize in unraveling that interference.

Through specific, gentle and honoring chiropractic care, my focus is to ensure that there's clear communication between brain and body. With each adjustment, those layers of trauma and stress are released and your child or you move toward more health, better alignment (structurally & personally), your truest self and the life that's yours to claim.